Jan 12, 2010

Two Thoughts on a Tuesday

So I'm gonna put on my thinking cap and write about two thoughts I have for Tuesday...yes, it's Top Sites Tuesday again at BlogDumps!

My first thought is how saying good-bye to 2009 also meant saying good-bye to my favorite local metal band, Vanquish. This was kind of sad for many of their fans like me because they just finally completed their 2nd CD (Beyond Desolation) and were getting ready to push forward. However, they lost their bassist, Nick Johnson, earlier in the year. He's pursuing advanced music studies and seeking acceptance into a prestigious music program at NYU. The band had to perform most of their 2009 shows with a substitute bassist, Brian Berry (who was already familiar with Vanquish music because he played with the band in the past).

Photo courtesy of Vanquish Myspace Music

Mark DiVito, one of the founding members and guitarist, also decided to leave the band to further his educational goals beyond his bachelor's degree in another state. That left only Greer Cawthon (the band's lead singer) and Anthony Maiden (the band's drummer) in the band. These guys have been the best of friends throughout their musical careers and finding a suitable replacement for half the band just wasn't something they wanted to do at this time. So Vanquish bid farewell to their fans with a final show on December 12, 2009. (Sigh!)

My second thought is about how as 2010 came around, so did some other friends of mine in another local band. My friends from Shed54 decided to bring their band together again and have even added a new guitarist to their lineup (making them now a two-guitar band). Shed's new lineup include: THAI CHAU (T-BONER) on Suhr Custom Guitars, SEAN FERGUSON (FERG) on Ibanez and ESP Guitars, KEN BAILEY (THE UNIT) on Vocals, SCOTT STEWART on Tama Percussion, and GREG HAYES (OG-The Original Gregster) on Ibanez Low End Bass Guitar. The band is excited to get started again and have a show already scheduled in Virginia Beach's The Half Shell on January 29th.

Shed 54
Shed 54 banner I designed for the band's MySpace page in 2006

So as I say good-bye to some fun musical outings and Internet promoting of one of my favorite bands - Vanquish - I say welcome back to another set of talented musicians I know from around here - Shed54.

Here's a taste of the old Shed54 (from 2006's locally popular demo). It's the song "Control" which we local music fans got to enjoy over the airwaves for a little bit. For some reason this was a popular hit with the ladies...hmmm?

See how the ladies wanna come up close to Ken, Shed54's lead singer?

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