Jun 7, 2011

Two Thoughts - Two Weddings

I have two thoughts to share this Tuesday on Blogdumps' Top Sites Tuesday. Those two thoughts are about the two most anticipated weddings of 2011.

You know how it seems everyone in the world was obsessed with the on and off relationship between Prince William and Kate Middleton for years.  Ever since they met, the world was following them through the eyes of the photographers that followed them around.  Then this year, they finally tied the knot and England has a new princess!


I have to admit.  I don't even know this couple personally but I think I was blushing when I saw them kiss!  They just look so in love with each other.  Plus he is an extremely handsome young man and she is a very attractive young woman.  Their love story and this wedding was absolutely a lot of people say, it's a fairy tale come to life.

There's another very anticipated wedding coming soon (but not soon enough for those of us Twi-hards who fell in love with this couple in 2008.  The wedding has actually already taken place and has been captured on film.  But we won't get to see it until November 18th.  Yes, you betcha...Edward Cullen and Bella Swan are finally going to get married!!!    

Liggy Rocks!

I can't wait to see that wedding either.  When the MTV Movie Awards showed this trailer for the movie on Sunday, I absolutely wanted to scream in excitement.  I controlled myself, of course (because I didn't want to wake my hubby who had already fallen asleep), but I did play this trailer over and over after the awards...LOL!

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AngelBaby said...

OMG! I can't wait to see it! Thanks for letting me know.

I watched the entire Royal wedding and loved it. One thing the British know how to do is through one great fairy tale wedding!

Great post.

Here's your click ..........

Love and Blessings,

Liggy said...

Funny thing...even though I know Edward and Bella "belong" together, I am still TEAM JACOB!!! LOL!

Cheryl said...

I have always been on team Jacob. I kept thinking that there would be some great switch up. I didn't read the books so I am to assume I need to get used to Edward winning Bella.

Heres your click, Liggy.

Liggy said...

Hi, Cheryl, I read only the first three books of the Twilight saga. I didn't finish Breaking Dawn because I wanted to keep myself in suspense before the movie comes out. :)

I understand why Jacob couldn't end up with Bella, but it's all for an interesting story. Whoot whoo! Go Team Jacob!!!

oldereyes said...

Well, Liggy, I'm on the outside looking in on this post, since I didn't watch the royal wedding, didn't know who Edward Cullen and Bella Swan were until I clicked your links (though my amazing powers of deduction led me to think they were in the Twilight Movies), and have never seen (or read) a Twilight epic. Buthere's your click!


Trina said...

I didn't watch the royal wedding nut I did read all the twilight books and I'm hoping it's an awesome wedding :)


Wolfbernz said...

Hi Liggy,

The Royal wedding was a great occasion for the British, a moment of pride and joy, we get so few of those moments these days.

Twilight... interesting....

Clicks for you,

Ophelia said...

As a Twilight fanatic myself (I've read all four books plus the companion novella to Eclipse - and I've seen all three movies at least a couple of times so far), I must say that I am also excited to see the next installment in the Twilight saga movies. I am also on Team Jacob, perhaps for different reasons than most (I don't particularly think he should be with Bella - he deserves better, LOL). November 18th is not that far away... Looking forward to it already! :)