Mar 17, 2017

Cheers to St. Paddy's Day

I normally like to plan ahead but nowadays, it seems I'm too busy to do that. While spontaneity is really fun, I sometimes feel like I end up greeting people for birthdays late (not on purpose!). And now, it's St. Patrick's Day and everyone is either already out celebrating or already home and in bed. But I wanted to wish everyone that still reads my blog a happy here's my late greeting post!

And since I'm also a health afficionado (as I profess to be in my Twitter profile and in another blog I work with), I wanted to remind my readers to drink any alcoholic beverages in moderation and try keep your bodies alkaline with mineral rich alkaline water. During the past 12 years, I've learned that many degenerative diseases and ailments can actually be improved (if not reversed) by alkalizing your body and by balancing it with trace minerals which are lacking in most diets. You can read more about it here - CLICK TO READ.

But I'm going to get back to my music app (I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Sirius XM!) and listen to the Ozzy Channel. If you ever get a chance to subscribe to Sirius XM, I recommend my three favorite channels - The Ozzy Channel, Octane, and Hair Nation. They rock!

Till then, enjoy your St. Patrick's Day (or your Green Day Celebration) and rock on...

May 12, 2016

Sixx:AM's Prayers for the Damned Tour

James Michael of Sixx:AM

Last night, I had the most amazing concert experience watching Sixx:AM perform live at the Norva in Norfolk, Virginia, just one stop in their Prayers for the Damned tour.  I kid you not, they make you feel like you are part of one huge party and the band is doing one hell of an awesome job making everyone feel welcomed, appreciated, and entertained.

Opening for this show was one of Virginia's finest and popular heavy metal bands, 710 Oil who tore the house down with their high energy and hard rocking music.  While Chris Johnson (lead vocalist), Gary Hammond (electric guitarist) and Les Moseley (bassist) made heavy metal madness head banging and swinging their long hair back and forth, drummer Vinnie Mastropasqua pounded his drum skins with the fury of gods.  It's no wonder these guys have often been hand-picked to open up for major label bands that tour the Virginia concert scene.

710 Oil doing a soundcheck prior to opening the show

After 710 Oil's set came the band from New York, Cilver, who happens to be part of the Prayers For The Damned tour.  I had never heard this band before this show so all their songs were new to me. My thoughts?  I was quite surprised at how well this band performed and how great they were with interacting with the audience. Don't underestimate this band!  I hope I don't sound sexist, but in a normally male-dominated rock music industry, Cilver, with a female fronting the band, is surprisingly refreshing and impressive!  There's another female in the band that surprises - Christina, the drummer -who can give Alex Van Halen a run for his money. I don't know if she's permanently with the band or not, though, because I don't see her name listed among the band members on their Facebook page. Even if she may just be touring with them, she's phenomenal to listen to.

May 1, 2016

RISE with Sixx:AM

The album I've been waiting for since 2014 (after 'Modern Vintage' was released) is finally out and I got my CD of it yesterday.  I would've blogged about it sooner but I've obviously been busy listening to the album over and over like I do whenever I get a new Sixx:AM album in my hands. When Nikki and James Michael talked about 'Rise' on Sixx Sense the day it was being premiered, I knew this album was going to be the best from Sixx:AM so far!

These are the titles of the tracks you'll find inside this amazing album:

1. Rise
2. You Have Come to the Right Place
3. I’m Sick
4. Prayers for the Damned
5. Better Man
6. Can’t Stop
7. When We Were Gods
8. Belly of the Beast
9. Everything Went to Hell
10. The Last Time (My Heart Will Hit The Ground)
11. Rise of the Melancholy Empire