Jun 21, 2017

My Top Five WILD songs

On my way to work one morning, I was listening to the radio and heard Lou Reed's "Walk on the Wild Side" song. It got me thinking, I wonder how many hit songs I could think of that have "wild" in the title? Of course, there are lots of them...and I'll bet you can name some songs I probably have not even heard of (especially if they're not my type of music - haha!).

Now, this list is NOT in any particular order but these are the FIVE songs with "Wild" in the title that I like best. First, there's Motley Crue's "Wild Side" from the Dr. Feelgood album. I just LOVE that song and video. Of course, I've always liked hard rock and heavy metal music best and I really love Nikki Sixx. He's just a very talented guy!!

Cat Stevens originally made this next song a big hit in the 70s but I really like Mr. Big's acoustic version from the Bump Ahead album (1993). Incidentally, did you know that this supergroup is still making music? In fact, they are on tour and have a new album, "Defying Gravity" coming out soon. If you like Mr. Big, too, you can follow them on Twitter (@mrbigmusic).

Jun 20, 2017

Michael Jackson Heavy Metal Music?

Holy cow! This mash-up of Iron Maiden's "The Trooper" and Michael Jackson's "Beat It" is really insane - I love it!

I had not heard it before but I saw a post about it on the Facebook news feed for Sixx Sense (Nikki Sixx's radio show). When I saw it, I was very curious.  What do you think?

Jun 17, 2017


Ragnar Lothbrok (played by Travis Fimmel)
I am anxiously awaiting Season 5 of Vikings to start airing. Although I had seen commercials for the series air many times before, I just never thought it would be interesting enough to watch. After all, we're talking about a series on The History Channel, of all places. So I never watched it (I was never much into history).

Well I was doing a Fitbit Challenge one day last month and wanted something to watch while I exercised on my treadmill. I didn't feel like watching music videos (again) or fitness videos with other people working out. So I turned on Amazon Prime on my Fire device and found Vikings (all the aired episodes and more). What the heck, I thought, let me check it out! I was so surprised by how captivating the show was that I decided to binge-watch.