Dec 9, 2009

International Animal Rights Day

Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), signed by the United Nations General Assembly on December 10th 1948, the UDAR seeks protection of similar rights for animals calling for an end to "exploitation or oppression in the name of science or sport, or for use as food, for commercial profit or for other human ends".

Bloggers Unite is a community of bloggers that unite on a selected topic at least once a month. I try to participate when there is a cause I truly believe in and want to help raise awareness for through my blog.

Bloggers UniteTomorrow, December 10th, is International Animal Rights Day. As an animal lover myself, I've always been blessed with the companionship of either a cat or dog, or both. So protecting our furry neighbors means a lot to me. These creatures, domesticated or not, cannot speak out for themselves. If you have ever seen videos of the experiments carried out on them or practices that subject them to harsh or extreme situations/conditions, you can only try to imagine the kind of suffering or amount of pain they experience.

If you've been following my blogs, you may have noticed that I have had a link to the campaign against seal hunting in Canada posted on the side bar of my blog for quite some time now. It's one of the causes I've worked hard to help stop. The practice of beating the beautiful baby seals just to get their fur and sell their meat is just so inhumane and cruel. And it's not like there's an overpopulation of them to need to get rid of them. So far the campaign seems to be effective. Together we've been able to get the European Union to prohibit the trade of seal products earlier this year. The price of sealskin in Canada has also gone down to the point where it wasn't worthwhile for most seal hunters to do any more hunting. (Hurray!)

There are many organizations out there that support the fight for animal rights, especially for the helpless animals subjected to excruciatingly painful experiments to test the effects of chemicals used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc. You can learn more about the fight and what you can do to help by visiting the Uncaged website.

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