Aug 18, 2009

Top Sites Tuesday Post

I got so busy over the week-end with my sister's wedding (where I was a bridesmaid and my daughter was the flower girl) that I didn't have time to do much online at all (bummers!). I wanted to participate in this week's Top Sites Tuesday post and worried that I wouldn't be able to join in at all.

But I was able to sneak in a few minutes during my breaktime to get this post in. I hope that people who find my posts interesting take some time to check out the blogs of other BlogDumps contributors as well, perhaps even take the time to join the community. BlogDumps is a wonderful community of other awesome (yes!!!) bloggers. Please check the site out - and you can visit the site by clicking on the flashing button below . It also lets them know I sent you there!

Anyway, this week the theme is: What is your favorite quote or your favorite personal saying? I'm sure we all have a saying we like or frequently refer to. Some may just be common expressions. Or some might actually carry deeper meanings for us. My favorite quote actually carries a deeper meaning for me because it's something that really inspires me, especially during times I feel disappointed or sad. Yes, dreamers like me do wake up and find that life isn't always a bed of roses! But I never let disappointments keep me down. I think of this quote and I know that "behind every cloud is a silver lining." (Hey, that's another good one!).
Yup! That's the quote I've always liked and find much inspiration from over the years. It keeps me level-headed. It keeps me from dwelling on disappointments and losses because I know that there is always a reason for everything - even when we cannot even think of what that reason might be! Take for instance the last time someone broke your heart. That is definitely one of the most painful experiences anyone who has ever fallen in love can ever go through. Trust me, I've been through that more than once! But after I met my husband - that's when I realized that "Everything Happens For A Reason." It's no wonder why those other relationships didn't last! My destiny was still waiting to happen. Okay, that's a whole 'nother story. I just wanted to share my favorite quote and tell you why I like it. What's yours?

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Maat said...

Wow, LiggyB...I remember my Mum saying this to us (more times than I could count, I guess!) when we'd complain about something. When it turned out well...great. When it seemed not to...not so as an adult, so true!


Pete's Quiz said...

How true, but rarely do we know what the reason is until much later!!


Liggy said...

Thanks, Nancy! Thanks, Pete!

That's so true...we often don't know the reason till much later. :)

Lisa Rivera said...

I like the quote "Let Your Life Speak" - I saw that on one of the banners at your office.

Liggy said...

I like that quote, too, Lisa. Did you know that I sewed some of those banners at the office? Except of course, that particular one. I did the big ones hanging in the large conference hall.

AY said...

Liggy, this is a great one to live by. If we can accept that things happen for a reason, we certainly will be able to take setbacks better and look at it in a more positive light. Sorry, Im reading this late..big time difference btween us. Clicks to u anyway!

Liggy said...

Oh that's okay, AY...I'm glad you could stop by. I kinda posted mine later than I wanted to.

Wolfbernz said...

Glad you found a moment to share this with us :) I do beleive this but at times it's hard to see the reason and all we can do is ask why but in time all things become clear and we can move on and enjoy our lives, Thanks for the kind words about the community!

Clicks for you

AngelBaby said...

I am so sorry I am late doing this but I just got home from work so I came by to say hello and see your quote. I love this quote and I do use it when needed because it is so true.

Here's your click ......

I hope you have a wonderful day!

Love and Blessings,

Liggy said...

Wolfbernz - you're welcome! You guys have been a pleasant surprise for me. I enjoy visiting the BlogDumps community and the blogs posted by the members. I feel almost like I personally know you all already. Thanks so much!!!

AngelBaby - blessings to you, too! Your page always brings me a source of inspiration as well. Have a wonderful day, too...