Aug 19, 2009

Life Starts Now

three days grace music

I am looking forward to Three Days Grace's upcoming album "Life Starts Now." It's coming out September 22nd. The first single is called "Break," according to the latest news posted on the Three Days Grace Official Website. Another song, "KC's Caribbean Takeout" has been pre-released as a track on their Myspace music player and is a broken down version of a song called "World So Cold." Hmmm...with titles like those, I'm getting the feeling that this album is going to give us a continuing taste of the musical and emotional blend that made their album "One-X" such a huge seller. And with Adam Gontier belting out those lyrics like he did in One-X, man, I really can't wait!!! :)

Adam Gontier wallpaper


Wolfbernz said...

Wow, it sounds like it's going to be a good one :) I do love good Rock music!


Trina said...

I liked Creed when they first came out, but the singer just became so pompous! It's nice to hear some of their new music - it's refreshing. I've never heard of Chasing Coronas, I'm totally going to have to check them out - they gotta be good if they're opening for Creed!

Happy Tuesday!