Jun 10, 2009


I was surfing the web for pictures of tattoos, thinking I'm gonna post something about tattoos because I find it a very creative artform (I actually have one which I designed myself). I think it's a great way of self-expression, provided it is done by an experienced artist and is done in good taste. I saw some really weird ones, some so hilarious I wonder if the person who got it is really such a joker or they were drunk when they got it.

One of the craziest examples I found showed a drawing of a monkey around a person's belly-button. I didn't want to post the actual picture on my blog but if you're curious what it looked like click here. Funny, but not my style.

Then I came across this picture of a church sign and I said "NO WAY!!! They can't be serious!!!"

church signs
Sure enough, they aren't serious because if you look closely at the picture you can see a website URL on it. I decided to go check it out. The website shown on the pic has actually been changed and a redirect link comes up when you go there. The new website is You can actually create your own funny church signs at that site. Pretty cool!!!


LLnL said...

I was hoping like crazy that sign was not real, funny though. Cool post. My curiosity is pushing me to check the links.

LLnL said...

The picture is gross. Yuck! I wonder if they will regret that one day, but it is creative.

Liggy said...

LOL! I know, someone had a really sick sense of humor...that's why I didn't post it. That's one of those kinds of tattoos I think people get when they're drunk and regret horribly when they get sober. But thanks for checking it out and commenting.