Nov 15, 2011

Two Movies I Am Looking Forward To Watching

This is the week!!! Breaking Dawn Part 1 is coming out in movie theaters and I can't wait!!! Bella and Edward are going to be married but the story is just going to get much more complicated and dramatic, especially when an unexpected pregnancy draws Bella closer to Jacob instead of to her new husband, the vampire Edward.

And though it's still another month away, I am also looking forward to Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol. I just love action movies, not so much for special effects but for the stunts that make you feel like you're holding your breath while watching the movie. MI4 is gonna have Jeremy Renner in it, who I think was pretty darn good in The Hurt Locker. (Not to mention, he's also kinda hot-looking in that movie, too, if I must say, ladies...). Putting him together with Tom Cruise (who really did an awesome job in the first three Mission Impossible movies) in MI4 just makes this one of my must see movies.

Yes, two exciting movies to look forward can I get any sleep now while waiting for them?  LOL!!!  Hey, don't go away yet...please click the blinking button below to let BlogDumps know you stopped by here!  Thanks!!! (And happy movie-going to you all there!!!)

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Ophelia said...

I, too, am very much looking forward to seeing Breaking Dawn Part I and Mission Impossible 4. I've seen all the previous movies for those series, and they were just breathtaking! :) I don't know what other movies are coming out soon. I haven't really been paying close attention to the latest in movie news since the semester started. Been too busy with homework! Thank goodness Christmas break is only a few weeks away!

Wolfbernz said...

Hi Liggy,

I can't wait to see those movies either. I never thought I'd like the twilight movies but for some reason I think they're cool. The MI4 movie looks awesome - I really like action movies!

Trina said...

I soooo want to see the new Twilight! We're gonna have to pull over somewhere close to a theater so I can see it before any reviews come out.

MI4 looks interesting, yeah, he was good in Hurt Locker and I'll bet along side Tom Cruise he's awesome :D


oldereyes said...

Well, Liggy, I'll push your button in spite of your movie choices. I've never had any interest in the Twilight Series and after growing up on the REAL Mission Impossible, the frenetic movies leave me cold. But enjoy them ... you will have lot's of less grumpy company,, I'm sure.


Rockon said...

I think they're cool. Thanks for Sharing