Mar 30, 2011

A Photoshop Job FAIL

I follow another blog called Photoshop Disasters to see the many botched up photoshop works that somehow slipped through the editing process and got published anyway.  A lot of them are really horrible, making famous models look unimaginably deformed. A lot of people submit their "finds" to the blogger page but I suppose my submission wasn't worthy of sharing...or the blogger didn't think it looked that bad...or the blogger uses T-Mobile(?!).  So I thought I'd share it here because I do some Photoshop work myself and I think this is just messed up!

I found the picture in a banner ad that comes up on the sidebar when I check my Yahoo! mail. It was in a Flash format so I had to make a screen shot of it to save it.
You see, she's really a pretty girl who does not have a hand sticking out like a stub out of her right shoulder like she does in those ads.
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