Oct 2, 2012

Two Thoughts For Tuesday

This week, I want to talk about two things that annoy me - maybe about celebrities, maybe not. Read on to find out what I'm thinking.

First of all, what's your first thought about that picture of Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher?  That there's just too much PDA going on there?  Maybe...but my first thought is how annoying to see someone (here it's Mila Kunis) who is sooooo attracted to this guy (Ashton Kutcher) but he obviously cares way more about his cell phone than paying attention to the person he's with.  I think that's rude and insulting - and Mila Kunis is short-changing herself by sticking around with a guy like that.

I've seen people like that in real life (I mean non-celebrities).  And I think that is just so sad to see couples who don't give each other the attention they deserve. Makes me kinda wonder if more couples would stay together or be happier if we didn't have so many "portable" distractions like that.  

The other thing that annoys me is the Robert Pattinson-Kristen Stewart relationship thing.  So maybe they did really have a relationship...and maybe they really did break up after she cheated on him in July.  Does it really matter?  They've got a new movie coming out next month - the final installment of the Twilight Saga.  Of course, whether we want to believe it or not, they're not going to keep avoiding each other like the plague. The movie saga has made them rich and turned them into household names.  They'd be pretty careless not to at least make like they've made up for the sake of pleasing their fans. 

I just find it more annoying than amusing to see their relationship develop, fall apart, and then resume with the timing of their movie releases.  As a fan, it just makes me feel so a fool...but I'm going to see the final movie anyway.  I want to see how they'll end the saga onscreen.  I've followed it this far so I'm not gonna give up now.

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Cheryl said...

How sad is that first pic. I think Mila Kunis is very cute. (not that Kutcher isn't) Still Ashton is quickly losing point with me.

As for the Pattinson/Stewart me a cynic. I thought when they got together originally it was to "help" the movie so I am not ready to believe we are seeing true love here.

The Twilight story was strong enough and the first movies were good enough, you wouldn't think at this point it would matter if the stars were together or not. Doesn't everyone want to see the next installment, if they saw the others?


Lindsay C. said...

I too think that the Twilight romance was originally created for publicity purposes.

Lindsay C. said...

Fake! I think the PattinsonStewart romance was created for publicity purposes. It may have developed in real lifeup to a point but I doubt it was genuine.

oldereyes said...

Well, Liggy, you probably know my sentiments by now. Celebrities don't have real relationships with anyone but thenmselves. How many successful celebrity relationships can you think of. It is all theater. That's pretty cynical, I know.


Trina said...

I see a lot of people now treating dating like it's nothing important. Their FB and text messaging is more important... It's nothing like the "courting" of days past. They don't even seem to "talk" anymore before declaring themselves "in a relationship" on FB. Respect for the whole dating institution is out the window. Celebrity relationships and reality TV shows only show kids how to sleep around, why happened to values?


Wolfbernz said...

Hi Liggy,

Celebrity relationships all seem to be for show. What's really going on will never be know until they publish a memoir later in their lives (and even then reality will be skewed)

Clicks for you!

AngelBaby said...

I agree with you if all he wants is his cellphone dump the guy. I wish everyone could find true love and if they did the world would be a better place.

Love and Blessings