Sep 18, 2012

Two Thoughts for Tuesday

First off this Tuesday, I wanted to share that I recently started using a website called Pinterest.  Before I could even gain access to the site, I saw that a lot of my friends were already "pinning" pictures on that site and sharing them on Facebook.  It looked pretty cool to me - the idea of having an online bulletin board for pictures (and videos) wherein you can save things and/or share things.

Unlike most photo storage websites, however, Pinterest easily allows you to organize the "pins" you upload.  If you're concerned about privacy, however, then Pinterest is not for you.  Everything you "pin" to a board is public. Then again, if you truly want to keep something private, then don't post them to the Internet in the first place!

My second thought to share is about my two most popular boards on Pinterest.  Actually, "popular" is a misnomer.  They're not really popular as in having a lot of fans or followers.  They're just the ones I pin the most to and receive the most attention from other members.

The first one is my Natural Health board.  I find a lot of "educational" pictures related to health and nutrition in the course of my part-time work at a Health and Wellness company.  Since it's part of my personal quest in life to be able to help others enjoy healthy long lives, I thought I'd save the most interesting ones and share them on that board.  In addition, I also share some of these finds on another blog that I contribute to on Blogger.

I am also an avid reader, in case you haven't been following LiggyzDreamz™.  I post my book reviews here.  Like Twilight and Hunger Games, I have also become a huge fan of the Fifty Shades Trilogy by E.L. James.  I know I'm  not alone in that fanaticism.  I've been finding sooooo many blogs and photos online from other fans, especially from those who are joining in this worldwide guessing game on who might play the characters in an upcoming planned movie adaptation.

All in all, Pinterest has just been a fun place to "pin" pictures that I want to share.  Even if you don't set up a Pinterest account for yourself, check it out to find some really cool ideas for things like home improvement projects, books to read, movies to see, or even find things for nostalgia.  Like I said, it's a public board.  So there's no need to log in or anything like that...just stop by and enjoy yourself!  But before you do that, click on the blinking button below and visit BlogDumps!  That's one cool site for bloggers like me to find other interesting blogs to read and to connect with other bloggers. 

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