Sep 3, 2009

Life Starts Now Teaser Video

Are you anticipating the upcoming Sept. 22nd release date of Three Days Grace's album "Life Starts Now" as much as I am? Maybe you should pre-order the album from the band's Official Website. They have some special packages that allow you to get more than just the album. Some packages give you special concert access, t-shirts, posters, a 3DG guitar pick, and more!

By the way, did you notice in the video that Adam Gontier got some color or fill-in added to his right upper arm tattoo? He's also sporting a new hairstyle. And what about that outdoor recording session? Isn't that unusual?


The Ultimate Fun said...

Really cool music Video...!
i really like it...thanks

Liggy said...

Cool, isn't it? I wonder if Adam was singing outside just for the video shoot or if he did so in the recording, too.