Sep 8, 2009

My passions for holiday week-ends

On this week's Top Sites Tuesday, BlogDumps asks us: What is Your Favorite Thing About Holiday Weekends? I suppose that most family-oriented folks like myself would typically answer "more time with the family" (instead of at work). But I have to be honest...ever since I can remember, it's the abundance of food that I've always looked forward to on holiday week-ends. And if you're invited to celebrate at other people's homes, then it's free food! Haha! That's even better! Yes, I love food!

That's me waving at the camera. Can you tell I love being around food?

As I was saying... let's take this past week-end. It was Labor Day Week-end in the U.S. and a nice long week-end for many of us. For once, my family and I got to enjoy two days in a row of outdoor grilling and company. On Sunday, my husband's friend had a housewarming/Labor Day celebration at his home. So we all went over to his house, enjoyed some grilled burgers and hot dogs, macaroni salad, chips-n-salsa, and a lot of finger foods to keep us busy (busy eating!) while we hung out with everyone there the whole afternoon.

No, no, that wasn't all I had. Actually that's just a picture my son took while he was playing around with my camera. LOL!

Then came Monday, Labor Day Holiday. No work, no school! It rained where I live but that didn't stop us from having my two sisters and their families, as well as my mom and stepdad from coming over to my house and enjoying an afternoon of (more) grilled foods. There was plenty of other food as well. While the boys hung out in the family room discussing various anime movies, the rest of us ate our food while watching the Dido Live DVD that I received for my birthday earlier this year. (She's a very pleasant performer to watch, by the way. If you ever feel stressed out, her music is quite calming).

Dido Live (DVD/CD Set)

Anyway, I'm going to put in a music CD to listen to while I grab some celery sticks to munch on before I head off to bed. Thinking about food made me hungry again. Why does Wolfbernz always think up topics that make me think of food?

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AngelBaby said...

ooohh! Nothing better than free food! Yes I love the food on holidays, especially with great friends and family, nothing better!

Here's you click .........

Love and Blessings,

plainolebob said...

hardly ever need an excuse, to grill i love to. laborday needs to be renamed grillin day, well thats how i see it. your blog made me hungry, and thanks for the music too.

Liggy said...

@ Angelbaby - thanks! Yes, the company around with all the "free" food do make it so much fun!!! Hope you had a good one, too.

@ Bob...I agree! Most of these holidays should be named grillin day, especially July 4th!

AngelBaby said...

Hi Liggy,

You did leave a comment on my site, I just have to approve them before they post. That is why it did not work for you. I get way too much spam and some of it is really bad stuff so I moderate all of my comments. I hope you understand. I just posted one of your comments.

Love and Blessings,

maat45 said...

LiggyB! What a busy, wonderful holiday weekend you had...great! Sounded a bit like We got a head start on Friday evening with snow crab legs and a 26" flounder fresh from the bay (my partner caught it, cleaned and fileted it); Saturday it was ribs for her and clams for me; Sunday bbq'd chicken and grilled steaks at a friends. And of course all the on the holiday itself? (Yesterday)...peirogies, something simple..lolol.

By the way, I love Dido and I agree with you as far as calming, serene musical interlude...she is hte next best thing to Enya (well, for me!).

Great post, Liggy....! Clickey-click!

Liggy said...

Thanks, Nancy! I just love seafood...much more so than anyone else in my family. Sounds like you had an awesome dinner.

Going to go visit your blog now...

Trina said...

I love to grill, but I love it more when someone else, who is awesome at the grill, does it.

Glad to hear you enjoyed your vacation!

Annie said...

Hey girl! You've given your blog quite the upgrade as far as the layout! I love it. :D

maat45 said...

Woo-hoo! Congratulations, LiggyB...! And I forgot to mention I loved your pics! Great job! And thanks for stopping by...really appreciated your visit. Have a great night.....


Liggy said...

Wow, cool beans!!! Thanks, everyone!!!

ibdragon said...

Nice site, good food and friends a great combo. One of my favorites is to marinate large scallops in cabernet, teriyaki and garlic. Grill them about 5 minutes per side on a hot grill. Serve with fresh picked white sweet corn and home grown tomatoes. Yumm!

Liggy said...

Thanks for finding your way here, ibdragon! I appreciate the compliment. BTW, you certainly have great taste in food, too!