Sep 9, 2009

The Vampire Diaries

First I followed Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles and found myself somewhat terrified reading vivid descriptions of the merciless deaths that her undead characters bestowed their unsuspecting victims. Yet I continued to be intrigued with Lestat's personal suffering, the internal conflicts he faced because of his being. It was hard not to admire Anne Rice's literary talents.

The Vampire Chronicles
Queen of the Damned/Interview with the Vampire

While there were other popular novels about vampires around, I really didn't find enough interest to try reading another one until I heard about Stephenie Meyers and her Twilight Saga. Her vampire series were not as "intense" as Anne Rice's books. In fact, Twilight seemed to "glamorize" vampires more than "spook" us to pieces, as evidenced by the popularity of the series among teenagers and the large number of highly-trafficked blog sites written by fans of the series (book and movie alike).

New Moon Soundtrack
Twilight: New Moon Soundtrack

Now I hear that The Vampire Diaries (another Young Adult fiction series) by L.J. Smith has been made into a television series. The new series will premiere on the CW network this Thursday, September 10th at 8 p.m. Eastern Time.

The Vampire Diaries
(Hmm...judging from this promo pic, it already looks like this series is geared for Generation Y-ers)

I've never read J.L. Smith's books but I think I'm going to keep my laptop off and turn the TV on for a change tomorrow night and check out this show. I'm curious to know see how this other set of eternally high school-aged vampires are portrayed (even though it may be a slight departure from the way the books were written - as almost all screen/book adaptations are). If it's interesting enough, I might just go to Amazon and order the book set to read. Yes, I do love reading! I saw that they already have a special collection available for it:

The Vampire Diaries Box Set Volume I, II, III, IV (the Awakeing, Dark Reunion, The Struggle, The Fury) (volume 1-4)

Might just have to add it to this year's Christmas Wish List. Guess we'll wait and see!
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