Jun 22, 2009

Meet Star33

Teehee...I hid my own sort of "Easter Egg" on this page with a cool sketch I've admired from one of Star33's suggested 2007 t-shirt designs. If you find the picture and click on it, my Easter Egg takes you to a music player I set up with a song the band sang about the break up of a relationship. No, no,'s not a depressing fact, it's kind of fun - in the likes of Green Day, The Cure, and the Offspring. At least that's who their music reminds me of.

Star33 is a local punk rock/alternative rock band from Virginia that I've watched a few times. My sister, Veronica, introduced their music to me in 2006 and I thought they put on a helluva a great show every time I've watched them play. Dave Smith, the lead singer, just never seems to run out of energy onstage.

That's me and Dave Smith, Star33's lead singer/lead guitarist, in February 2008.

Here are some (older) videos of Star33 performing live. These were filmed by Veronica using her Sony Cybershot digital camera.

Ghost of a Girlfriend Past (live at the NorVA)

Concrete Ballerina (live at Ice)

It's Not Stalking If I Still Say I Love You (live at the NorVA)

As of this posting, Star33 is still working on a new CD. They have a couple of live shows scheduled here and there to keep fans happy while they wait for new music. For their latest show schedule, please visit the Official Star33 Myspace Page. The lead singer, Dave Smith, also performs with Martha Dumptruck, which plays more of the music you'll wanna hear in a western bar (or so I've been told...I haven't gotten to see Martha Dumptruck play live yet). Anyway, it's really all about having fun...and that's what playing music is all about.

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