Jun 1, 2012

My Pick for Christian Grey

I just started reading Fifty Shades of Grey...and so far, I agree that it deserves the attention it's been getting! It is very well-written...explicit, yes, but it proves itself true to the genre of erotic fiction. You can practically visualize the characters in their places, with every movement, see their facial expressions, and hear every thought that comes to their minds, especially Anastasia's.

Unlike the disturbingly sick, twisted, sexual nature of The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty (which I previously mentioned I was reading and couldn't stomach finishing), Fifty Shades is a much more realistic tale of self-discovery, passion, obsession, and control. It seduces the reader into Ana's inability to resist a dangerous temptation, perhaps the same way many adult female Twilight readers were lured into Bella's obsession with Edward and becoming a vampire. Coincidentally, Fifty Shades supposedly started out as fan fiction in response to the Twilight Saga.

And now, there is a lot of talk about it, including who might be cast into the captivatingly handsome, yet mysterious, dark, and demanding persona of the main character, Christian Grey.

Hmm...BuzzSugar's picks includes some of those I had picked for my Summer Dream Guys series. See?

And hmmm...look at who CafeMom suggests:

If you ask me, I would pick Ian Somerhalder. He has the look - and if fans like me get lucky, Ian might just win the part. Look at him in the video below...he even wants to play the part!!!

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