Jun 2, 2012

My Pick for Anastasia Steele

While I'm wondering who might end up getting cast as Christian Grey in the movie adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey, my mind is wandering off to who might get the part of Anastasia Steele.

I've read somewhere that the character was written with Kristen Stewart in mind and I can see how she's definitely fitting for that role...especially with Ana's constant lip-biting, which we see her do a lot in many of her movies.

But if the film makers want to go with other lovely actresses who can play the part of an innocent-looking, sexually inexperienced young woman with a secretly strong, lusty side, I'd place my bets on Alexis Bledel or Amanda Seyfried. They both possess captivating beauty and the desired acting abilities to pull it off successfully.

Personally, I think Amanda Seyfried would be perfect for the part, as long as she darkens her hair because Ana is described as a brunette in the story. She has doe-like eyes that can pull off that look of innocence and fear. Yet she can be also dress herself up to look sensual and seductive - believably attractive to male characters like Christian, Jose, and Paul.

Yes, I think she can do it...I vote for Amanda Seyfried as Anastasia Steele!
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