Aug 17, 2010

Two Thoughts - Two Pictures

This was the weirdest thing I have seen in quite awhile. When I got off work today, I found a bug stuck in the window of my minivan. What's so strange is why it looks like it was trying to slip inside the window and into the van. I had my driver's and passenger side windows open all day so it could've easily gone in through the open window.

I don't really know how far in that little critter got in the window because I was too squeamish to open the window.  What if it was a stinging type of insect?  What if it bites me?

So I left it there and headed home.  And guess what?  The little thing was still stuck there.

It looked like it was still moving so I'm guessing it'll eventually wiggle its way out the same way it got in there.  If insects could think, it was probably glad I didn't take the highway home and took the slower back roads. But I guess I'll have to see if it gets out in the morning...

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