Aug 17, 2010

Two Thoughts - Two Pictures

This was the weirdest thing I have seen in quite awhile. When I got off work today, I found a bug stuck in the window of my minivan. What's so strange is why it looks like it was trying to slip inside the window and into the van. I had my driver's and passenger side windows open all day so it could've easily gone in through the open window.

I don't really know how far in that little critter got in the window because I was too squeamish to open the window.  What if it was a stinging type of insect?  What if it bites me?

So I left it there and headed home.  And guess what?  The little thing was still stuck there.

It looked like it was still moving so I'm guessing it'll eventually wiggle its way out the same way it got in there.  If insects could think, it was probably glad I didn't take the highway home and took the slower back roads. But I guess I'll have to see if it gets out in the morning...

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AngelBaby said...

Hhhmmmm........ you take better care of bugs than some people take care of their children. LOL! It is rather amazing how some critters can get into things. I often wonder how did they do that.

Here's your click .........

Love and Blessings,

Trina said...

HAHAHA! Maybe it just wanted a change of scenery and was hitching a ride!

Clicks for you and your passenger!

Wolfbernz said...

Hi Liggy!

You know you really shouldn't pick up hitch hikers! We live in a dangerous world and there no telling what could have come about during your ride home with this critter hanging on and trying to wriggle its way into the window... LOL

Clicks for you!

Nancy Cleveland said...

Hi, Liggy! Well, Trina's thought did occur to me but she got here On the other hand, maybe it was some sort of termite in a hurry to get to a board meeting..and we all know how airports and flying is these days with no meals, ticked off stewards etc. You did a good thing, girl! I'd have done the same. Fun post, clicks for you!

oldereyes said...

Liggy -

Everyone else beat me to the humorous responses, so I'll just award you the Weirdest Post of the Week Award. And I mean that in the best way.


Bud aka Older Eyes

Liggy said...

You all made me laugh with your responses. HAHAHA! Thanks everyone for looking at my weird pictures. The bug, by the way, must've found somewhere more interesting to visit. He wasn't there anymore when I checked...