Feb 26, 2016

Fashion Plates, Anyone?

I feel like I've been missing for where have I been all these years?  Why didn't I know that Fashion Plates are still around?

I remember when I was a little girl and had the original plates set. Did you have one of these, too?

How I loved "designing" various outfits using the mix and match templates the kit came with.  Boy, I remember when the crayon it came with wore out and my parents did not know where to get me a replacement (was mail order not a thing for them back then, I wonder?).  So I took out one of my old box of school crayons, peeled off the wrapper from my black crayon, and used it as a replacement tool for my fashion plates kit.

The crayon was not the perfect replacement.  I had to learn not to rub it too hard against the paper because it was too soft and tended to smear across the paper. Once I mastered just the right amount of pressure to use, I was back to creating and coloring more fashions.  It was heaven!


Cheryl said...

OMG...I was just thinking about these last weekend. I sat behind two little girls at a basketball game and they were playing with these. My daughter had the original as a little girl and it was far and away one of her favorite toys. AND I too was shocked that it was still being manufactured.

My little 5 year old grandson was sitting with me at the game and was so enthralled with the toy. I know he was wanting to play with it. He loves art, so it would be right up his ally. I think this is a case they should make other versions of it. Not because I would be afraid of him having a girls toy (he is the proud baker of an EasyBake Oven, I just think a more general toy with multiple objects other than dressing Barbie would be a better fit.

Liggy Blough said...

Cheryl, what a coincidence you thought of these recently, too. I kinda miss those things. Now I have gotten into coloring books again. I ought to write a post about it...hehe!

Cheryl said...

You should do a post about this newest craze of adults coloring. I find it interesting that so many people are finding it relaxing. Many of the coloring books are beautiful. I haven't done it yet because they are all so intricate. I might find it "less than soothing" because of the complexity. I used to love to color but I think maybe Micky Mouse coloring books are more my speed.

Jennifer Juliano said...

Yes! When I was browsing Target, I saw these! I used to play with them. They're cool! I actually saw them in the clearance section and I should've bought one for myself and bring out my #innerchildhood. Coloring can be a great way to relax. :) Thanks for sharing this post!

Liggy Blough said...

I wonder if my sister still has my old fashion plates. I guess I ought to ask her! :D

I think I'll buy one of the new ones for my daughter so she can enjoy the same fun I had with them!