Feb 10, 2016

Introducing Mrs Robinson

Fans of Fifty Shades, have you heard the latest casting confirmation?  Yes, Elena Lincoln, a.k.a. Mrs. Robinson, has been cast.  And guess who accepted the part?

Yes, the famous ex-wife of Alec Baldwin - who is no stranger to playing sexy, seductive roles (remember the film 9 1/2 Weeks from 1986?). 

So far, the feedback I've been getting from various social media site comments show that the majority of fans agree with the selection and look forward to the very problematic challenge this "Mrs. Robinson" will present in Anastasia's relationship with the very controlling, enigmatic Christian Grey.  With her boyfriend having a mature ex-dom who looks as attractive as Kim Basinger, readers can only imagine how much emotional turmoil this will create inside a relatively inexperienced, laid back Ana who lacks in self-confidence.
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