Jul 5, 2012

Face Off! Mrs Robinson Picks #2

Okay today I'm back on the topic of Fifty Shades...since I'm almost done reading the entire trilogy!  I'm probably a slower reader than most people, but I have to wait till the week-end to do my reading because when I start reading it, it's too hard to put it down. I was up until 3 am on a weekday when I finished reading the first book.  I know! I know!  Bad girl! Bad girl!  LOL!

So I've been thinking about my original picks for a possible Mrs. Robinson and I think my earlier picks might be a little too young.  Even though an early 40s woman could easily fit into the role, somehow I think fans might want to see a more experienced, mature woman play the part.  And a popular name that comes to mind is Kim Catrall who was so convincing as the sex-starved Samantha Jones on Sex and the City.

During my lunch break the other day, I happened to see Cheryl Ladd in a rerun of CSI: Miami and I thought, she's been a sex symbol since playing Farrah Fawcett's younger sister in the original Charlie's Angels TV series.  Why not her?  She's also blonde!  Perfect! 

So I dunno...right now, nobody has a clue who gets the part.  When we find out, let's see how close I get to the right pick!  :D


Ophelia Griffin said...

I've not read the books yet myself, but if Mrs. Robinson is supposed to be a mature, sexy, and passionate woman, then Kim Cattrall should definitely play the part! She drips sexuality!

Semi Madman said...

I haven't read that book and probably won't since it seems like a book for women only. I have to give you a big thumbs up for posting pics of two Hottie Cougars! I love both Kim and Cheryl!

Lindsay C. said...

How about Heather Locklear as Mrs. Robinson?

Lindsay C. said...

I hear now that Charlize Theron might play Mrs. Robinson.