Jun 5, 2012

My Pick For Mrs Robinson

I don't want to sound like this is becoming a fan page for the 50 Shades trilogy but since I've been reading it, I've been picturing in my mind what these characters might look like.  I posted my picks for a possible Christian Grey, shared my picks for a possible Ana Steele, and now here are my top three choices for Mrs. Robinson - the woman who has had the greatest influence in Christian's life.

While I believe these three actresses have the acting caliber and envious good looks to pull off the role of Mrs. Robinson (also referred to as Mrs. Lincoln in the book), I think the best choice would be Uma Thurman because she can be believably mature enough for the role but yet sexy and still young enough to make Anastasia insecure about herself and doubtful of Christian's sincerity.  Doesn't she look like she could be classy businesswoman with a deep dark secret past?

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