Oct 28, 2009

Beyond Desolation by Vanquish

As I mentioned in a previous blog entry, my favorite local heavy metal band "Vanquish" started recording a CD in early 2008 and finally got it ready for release just recently. I attended their CD Release Party at Buddas Place in Newport News, Virginia this past Saturday and picked up a copy of the new album.

Cool capture of new lighting effects on Mark Divito onstage at Buddas Place (the Peninsula's Premier Venue for Rock and Metal Music)

The new album is heavier, deeper, and more mature sounding than their first album, Nine Deadly Sins. Okay, I know that's not much of a description of the album. I'm not really much of a music reviewer because I really tend to just listen to music and judge it from the overall feeling I get while listening to it. When I listen to this new Vanquish album, I hear a strong emphasis on percussions and bass, moreso than on their original album. I like the way it sounds when I play it loud in my car on the way to work.

The album tracks are as follows:
1. Facing the Darkness
2. Blood in Me
3. 12:08
4. Through Every Word
5. Concealing the Pain
6. Memories of You
7. Pretentious
8. Sorrow's Manifest
9. Wages of Sin
10. Lost Cause

Here's a sample track from the new Vanquish album. It's called "Blood In Me."

If you want to hear more or want to get a copy of the album, please contact the band directly through their myspace page:

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