Oct 11, 2009

Vanquish band update

Beyond Desolation
At long last, the CD that my favorite local metal band, Vanquish, started recording in 2008 is ready for release. They will be debuting the new CD to local fans and rock music supporters at the premier metal and rock music venue on the Hampton Roads Peninsula - Buddas Place - on October 24th. It will also be available at future shows and through local Virginia music stores. If you're interested in ordering the CD directly from the band, please contact them through their MySpace page.

I don't have the track listings for the album yet but two of the songs from the new album have been publicly available on their MySpace page music player. The two tracks are Lost Cause and Facing the Darkness. I put them on this music player to allow my readers around the world have an opportunity to hear them. As a bonus, I added Sinister (from their first CD titled Nine Deadly Sins) because it was quite popular locally and received local radio airplay as well.

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I also designed a new banner to help promote the new CD on MySpace as part of my dedication to the Vanquish Fan Graphics site. Check it out below. Feel free to copy it, too, if you like Vanquish's metal music and want to share the love like I do!

Beyond Desolation

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