Oct 6, 2009

My Favorite Movie

This week, BlogDumps asks us bloggers “What is your favorite Movie?” To be honest, I don't have one favorite movie. I love so many movies and can't easily pick out one - but I do have some favorites for each type of movie, favorites for a particular actor, favorites for a particular list could go on forever!

So how about I share my favorite science fiction movie? Star Wars, you say? Nope, guess again. Battlestar Galactica? LOL, no! Logan's Run? Wait a minute now...I'm not THAT old! Actually, my favorite sci-fi movie is Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator (in fact, I dig the whole series!!!).

Terminator T2

T3 Terminator Salvation

The Terminator movie series combine elements that keep me interested and awed. Even with the barely high-tech effects in the first movie, there was a lot of suspense and action in it that kept me holding my breath, hoping the real Sarah Connor makes it alive to the end and keeping my fingers crossed for Kyle Reese to find her in time.

The second movie, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, combined the chase scenes with high-tech special effects (remember the T1000 melting?) and best of all - heavy metal music! Guns N Roses, one of my favorite heavy metal bands of all time, sang the movie's biggest hit "You Could Be Mine" which a teen-aged John Connor blasted on his boom box. Yeah, you know me - headbanging mama!

When Terminator 3 came out with a female Terminator whose technology surpasses John Connor's protector from T2, you can tell that this was a movie series that wasn't just gonna go away. Kristanna Loken's ability to keep a straight face (just like a robot with absolutely no emotion) throughout the film was just brilliant. She was the perfect choice for part - good looks, athletic skills, agility, and acting ability.

Kristanna Loken
I must mention that the storyline is also what makes this movie series outstanding. Through its storyline, you realize you can't just take life for granted (well, especially not with a Terminator out to get you!) You get to learn what happens when you don't take control of your life. If you don't control your life, it will control you and you'll have no choice. It's the metaphor for the machines and how they decided to take over control. Isn't that clever?

I have the first three movies already. As soon as the fourth one comes out, I want to own a copy of it. Terminator Salvation (which stars Christian Bale as the adult John Connor) will complete the set. By the way, Christian Bale is an excellent actor and he really did justice to his role as John Connor. I even thought he was great as Batman - but hey, that would be another movie!

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