Jun 18, 2008

I wonder whatever happened to...

BROKEN SILENCE...this was a Christian rock band I met in Hawaii just before they moved to the mainland (I forgot where they said they were moving to at the time) in 1991. That was a long time ago!

My best friend was dating (later married and then divorced) a guitarist from another band at the time who knew the guys in this band so we went out to see this group perform at the Ala Moana Beach Park in Honolulu. If I remember right, it was a farewell show they were having because the band was getting ready to leave Hawaii and try to make it big time. Unfortunately, I think they may have broken up after moving to the mainland because I never heard about them anymore after they left.

The guys were pretty talented and really cool, too! See they each even autographed that publicity photo for me! Anyway, I wish I could find out what directions their lives took and whether they still managed to make new music on their own. If anyone knows, I'd sure like to hear from you!

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