Jun 20, 2008

The Speaks

The Speaks
I just learned about this band from Washington, D.C. whose members are all-American but of Asian ancestry. The band is called The Speaks. I listened to their music on the GarageBand website and checked out the links to their other pages to learn more about them. They are a pretty good band - one that a person like me (of Philippine ancestry) can be proud of.

Check out this video of The Speaks performing "High" as posted on YouTube. It's a mellow departure from some of their hard rocking sounds I listened to on

By the way, there is a variation of this video posted on YouTube. The other video I watched is a cartoon tribute which uses the same song (High) as background music to select scenes from Final Fantasy movies.

The band was also mentioned in an article about the Black-Eyed Peas, which if anyone is following along, would know has a Filipino band member.

Black Eyed Peas
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