May 25, 2010

The Twilight Widower - My Orphaned Blog Pick

I love reading other blogs and learning to see things from other people's perspectives.  In my search for good blogs to read, I've come across many interesting ones that I have followed only to later find that they've become "orphaned", never to be updated again.

One blog I started following only to be left hanging (along with 564 Google Followers and  631 RSS Feed subscribers) in June 2009 was this unique Twilight blog.  Do you know how many hundreds of Twilight blogs there are out there?  A LOT!!!  But there was this one in particular that I found which caught my attention because it was written from the perspective of a Twilight fan's husband.  Unlike so many Twilight blogs that focus on the giddy, ogling, obsessive, hyperexcited fan's point of view, this blog poked fun at what it was like to be the "forgotten other half" and I thought it was just so cool and humorous!

This orphaned blog is called Twilight Widowers Anonymous because it details the life and feelings of a husband left behind while his wife joins the many Twilight fanatics who can't get enough vampires in their lives. In fact, its subtitle says it is "A support site for husbands, boyfriends, and life partners of Twilight Addicts. We're all in this together."  Pretty funny, wouldn't you agree?

I hope the Twilight Widower hasn't thrown his Twilight blog in the trash.  I'm sure the hundreds of followers he collected along the way would love to know what life has been like since New Moon was released. Where can all his supporters and fellow Twilight widowers go to share their comments and seek support in light of more Twilight movies in the works?  I think the forgotten Twilight spouses and significant others need you back!!!

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