May 22, 2010

Removed Video

Billy Burke (aka Charlie Swan of The Twilight Saga) has released a video for his upcoming single, "Removed".  It's quite interesting to see him perform in a light much different from his movie roles, particularly after seeing him perform as the father of a wannabe vampire, Bella Swan.

Maybe Summit ought to consider including one of Billy Burke's songs on a soundtrack for the Twilight Saga.  Parts of this song would make good background music for a scene with Bella at home with her dad, or maybe for a scene where the characters are walking through the woods.  Hmmm...


One of The Guys said...

I was very skeptical listening to the video. Actor turns musician is always dicey at best. But I was surprised at how much I liked the tune. His voice is soulful. Nice melody, and even changed up the form a bit. Good stuff!

I agree with you. I could hear this in one of the Twilight movies.

Liggy said...

Those are the words I was looking for. I, too, was skeptical about Billy Burke and his music at first. So downloaded the free track he was offering on his site. In fact, the video stills reminded me of Billy Bob Thornton and not the actor I saw in Twilight or Ladder 49. But I was surprised at how nice and "soulful" Billy Burke sounds. I am actually interested in hearing the rest of the album when it comes out next month.