May 18, 2010

Two Thoughts on Tuesday

I opened up my web browser to check my Yahoo! news page and this is what I see in the report about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico:

The first thought I had was "What does this have to do with the oil spill?"  Well, the caption on the picture indicates that this is a photograph of a fisherman holding an oil-stained buoy.  Well, my goodness!  I didn't realize fishermen were so lean and tan like that!  LOL!  No offense to fishermen, but I kinda always pictured them to be somewhat older-looking guys, perhaps bearded and ragged, wearing overalls and galoshes.  Think of George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg in the movie "The Perfect Storm" and you'll know what I mean.

My second thought is that I hope the oil spill in the gulf gets contained and cleaned up real soon.  It seems like a monumental task considering how hard it is just cleaning off the cooking oil I spill on my stove top sometimes.  But when I'm not "dreaming" about music and art, I think a lot about the animals - especially the wildlife whose lives are affected by the selfish things we do as humans.  Sadly, we've destroyed a lot of their natural habitats so that we could build our own establishments, procure fancy novelty items, and provide means for our own survival.  Yet instead of finding ways to establish our living with nature intact, we've destroyed a lot of it.  I wonder why?  It's tough...but I just hate to see the helpless creatures suffer because of the things we do that could otherwise be prevented.

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