Jul 11, 2008

The Actor as an Artist

I find it really interesting when I learn about famous people having and sharing their artistic talents. While I think that art is something that we all can appreciate, there are so many different forms of art out there. Even acting, whether in films or onstage, can be considered an artform. What I wanted to focus on in this post is art in the form of drawings.

Check out this colored sketch by CBS network's Criminal Minds actor, Matthew Gray Gubler:

matthew gray gubler

And this is the actor behind the work:

matthew gray gubler

He has a pretty interesting style, doesn't he? There's more of his artwork and creative ramblings on his personal website:

Matthew Gray Gubler plays Dr. Spencer Reid on the show Criminal Minds. The show is an American Crime Drama that premiered on CBS network in September 2005. He also provided the voice for Simon in the CGI movie version of Alvin and the Chipmunks which is now available on DVD and Blue Ray.

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