Oct 12, 2009

Music and my first car

Wow, let's talk about cars for a change! In fact, let's talk about our first cars in going with this week's Top Sites for Tuesday theme on Blogdumps. I got my first car in 1987 with the help of my parents (after they got the financing for me I made the monthly car payments so that I could learn financial responsibility).

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Tee hee! I think this Geico money character is cutely amusing!

There wasn't really anything extra special about the car - other than it was my first one! It didn't even have A/C in it because things like that were optional features at the time. To get A/C would've added a lot more to the cost of the car than I really wanted to pay for at the time. Besides that, who really needed it anyway? I was living in Hawaii where the breeze was always blowing and it was fun to have the windows rolled down everywhere I drove.

Gee, I wish I had a decent picture to share of my first car here but digital cameras weren't around at the time so the only pictures I have of it are in those old-style magnetic photo albums. Times have changed so much, don't you agree? Anyway, the car I had was a three-door white Dodge Colt E hatchback. It had a four-cylinder engine, 4-speed manual transmission, radio/cassette tape player, windows you had to roll up manually, and clear glass windows (none of that factory-installed tinting that a lot of cars come with these days). Nossiree, that car didn't have much but I sure cared for that baby until I fell in love with my next car (a red Honda Civic hatchback).

Speaking of cars, there's a heavy metal band I like whose name makes me think about cars. The band is called Motorjunkie and they're from Fayetteville, North Carolina. Check out their music on The Official Motorjunkie Website or on their MySpace page if you like music filled with thunderous bass, top-notch vocals, guitar riffs that grab you, and percussions that make you want to bang your head and beat your hands up and down in the air. This is not your typical local band. This is solid metal that is bursting with energy.

The band Motorjunkie (photo courtesy of

Here's a sample of Motorjunkie's music:

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