Oct 17, 2009

KISS concert review

Paul Stanley
I took this with my cell phone camera when Paul Stanley performed "Love Gun" from the center island stage.

I am still in awe from last night's KISS Alive 35 concert at the Hampton Coliseum. KISS calls their band THE HOTTEST BAND IN THE LAND and after last night, I know why they call themselves so! This band definitely deserves the title!!! For guys who have been rocking as many years as they have, they perform like it's the show of a lifetime and with the energy of ageless rockers. It was two solid hours of KISS music from the past through the present. Visually you experience lots of amazing pyrotechnics (even a light fixture that Tommy Thayer accidentally shot down with his "explosive" shooting guitar solo drove the crowd wild). Physically, you feel your feet vibrating from the awesome drum solo that kept the floors pounding throughout the arena. And yes, you get to see how just long Gene Simmons's tongue really is! With his axe-shaped bass guitar he also made his fans go wild with his blood-spitting act.

The concert stage included various performance platforms that elevated or rotated during the show, wires that carried Gene Simmons up to a ceiling high platform, another wire that Paul Stanley used to be lifted to a rotating stage in the center of the arena (so he could get "closer" to the fans), and a drum stage that kept changing height during the night. Oh yeah, there were also multiple high-definition screens behind the stage and to each side of the stage, enabling you to experience the show from all angles no matter where you sat.

In all the years I've listened to KISS, I have never dreamed I'd see a show like this. It was awesome!!! So if you have a chance to see KISS at a venue close to you, don't miss it! The whole band is dedicated to giving you your money's worth at the show.

And while I said a lot about KISS, I must mention that BuckCherry (who opened the show for them) played for an entire hour before the intermission. The band jumped around on stage like exhaustion was an impossibility. A little touching moment was when Josh Todd dedicated a song to his teenage daughter. Yes together, they made it three solid hours of high energy rock music. It was a night I can't stop dreaming about...

(Hey, someone at the same show got a video up on YouTube! Even if I could've brought my own camera, I was too busy enjoying the music, singing along and dancing, to have been able to film anything. But here's one I found I thought I'd share!)

This one's much better. It's from the Official Kiss YouTube page:


Alissa said...

That definately was the concert of a lifetime! Great show! Did you get a copy of the concert recording?

Wolfbernz said...

What a great photo you got with the cell phone!

Sounds like a good time too :)


Brian, the old man said...

Wish I could have been there.

Liggy said...

I just wish I could've recorded it on video. It was hard enough trying to take pictures with my cell phone. The bright lights kept reflecting on the lens. I did get the live audio CD that they sold after the show (also available at Concert-Online. That way I can relive the moment.

pao said...

wow, i love the photo. lovin the violet hue and the shadows and outlines of the people on the foreground.

Liggy said...

Pao, I'm kinda impressed with the shot myself because I only used my cell phone to capture the pic. I didn't bring a better camera because our tickets said "NO CAMERAS, NO VIDEOS" and I didn't want to sneak one in and risk it getting confiscated.

Bill said...

I'm going this Thursday and can't wait! It's taken me 30+ years to finally see KISS live and what's even better is I get to take my son and it's his first concert. I have no doubt it will be a concert he will remember forever (and so will I). Thanks for giving me something to look forward to!

Liggy said...

Thanks, Bill, for sharing! I'm sure your son will enjoy it. When my husband and I went, we were wishing we had bought tickets for our kids, too. We're sure they would have had a blast!!! KISS rocks!!!