Mar 30, 2010

Two Tuesday Twilight Thoughts

In anticipation of the third installment of the Twilight Saga movies, Eclipse, I rewatched the first movie, Twilight, and the second one, New Moon. I have to admit, if I were a serious movie critic, I couldn't say that these movies are the greatest of vampire stories. What IS great is that they have a very modern feel to them such that they have become somewhat of a cultural phenomena. Besides that, how many vampire movies out there have actually captured the hearts of both mothers and their daughters at the same time? It's also kind of interesting - perhaps even entertaining - to read the many blogs written by all these fans, young and old alike. There were even people who had countdown clocks waiting for Taylor Lautner to turn 18 in real life because they felt such a guilty pleasure about swooning over an underaged actor who bulked up his muscles to be able to play a very muscular Jacob Black. And bulk up he did!

Unlike I did before watching the first two movies, I have not yet finished reading Eclipse. I got about three quarters of the way and decided that I'm going to leave myself with the element of surprise. I am going to watch the third movie without knowing what Stephenie Meyer wrote it was going to be like.

I came across the sneak peak of the upcoming movie, however, and WOW! It's amazing how every director makes each book come to life in a very different way! Director Catherine Hardwicke took on a somewhat feminine, romanticized approach to the storyline of the first movie - allowing a "vampire" movie to be "tame" enough for parents not to worry about letting their teenaged daughters see, yet at the same time, bringing on an element that made husbands worry about their wives going to see. Then director Chris Weitz brought in more action to the New Moon movie, creating an element with the Volturi scenes and the wolf scenes that drew the attention of action-thirsty male moviegoers. And now, director David Slade appears to have taken a harder line to it and made Eclipse a very intense movie with just as much fighting and action as there is the hormonal tension of the Edward-Bella-Jacob love triangle. See for yourself:

Okay, so that's a little more than two simple thoughts. Whoever said that a dreamer like Liggy can keep things simple? Teehee...

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