Mar 19, 2010

Like dopplegangers!

Is it just me or do Ville Valo and Johnny Depp have somewhat striking resemblances?

Ville Valo of the rock band HIM

Johnny Depp as Mad Hatter in Disney's Alice in Wonderland

What about this comparison?



Okay, Johnny Depp fans, I will have to agree with you...Ville Valo might Johnny Depp beat as far as singing goes, but Johnny Depp does look HOTTER! 


Ophelia said...

Speaking of Johnny Depp, I recently found out that he is going to be learning Spanish for an upcoming movie. Sounds exciting! More details here:

Trina said...

He is HOT! Even dressed as the mad hatter he still seems to be "SMOKIN" LOL

The comparison is amazing though, but I'm going to have to go listen to HIM and hear Ville sing!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful people