Mar 17, 2010

Have you listened to HIM?

When you listen to Ville Valo's singing on HIM's albums, you can't help but wonder how he can make songs with titles like Funeral of Hearts, Killing Loneliness , and Ode to Solitude sound so irresistibly sexy. In fact, I listened to HIM's cover of the Chris Isaak song Wicked Game and just found myself lusting for more HIM music!

HIM is not a new band. This rock band from Helsinski, Finland, was formed in 1991 by lead vocalist Ville Valo, guitarist Mikko Lindström, bassist Mikko Paananen and drummers Juha Tarvonen and Juippi. Like many bands, their lineup has changed since their formation and now consist of singer Valo, guitarist Lindström, bassist Paananen, a keyboardist Janne Puurtinen, and drummer Mika Karppinen.

Their latest album HEARTKILLER was released this month. For fans in the state of New Jersey, the band will be promoting this album with a signing at the Hot Topic at the Deptford Mall on March 25th! If you didn't know, this band already had a certified gold album here in the USA. Their fifth studio album, DARK LIGHT, became gold in September 2006. They also have multi-platinum albums in Finland and Germany.

I wonder if the band is going to make a nearby city part of their tour?   I think that would be pretty awesome!!!
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