Mar 16, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Fun and Music

One thing I love about St. Patrick's Day is all the drunk happy people - JUST KIDDING!!! Yeah, I know, the day usually brings to mind partying, wild green outfits, and maybe even green beer (if you're old enough to drink, that is). It's kind of like celebrating Mardi Gras in your own town, right? Except on St. Patrick's Day, usually we HAVE to wear something GREEN (if not, you'd get pinched, that's for sure!).

While St. Patrick's Day started off as a Christian holiday to honor Ireland's patron saints, the holiday festivities began to spread out into other countries and became perhaps one of the most celebrated annual events all around the world. I usually celebrate it by enjoying some good live music and having lots of fun. If weather permits, I try to take my children out to a local "Shamrock Festival" like the one year when we got to watch the popular Richmond band, Carbon Leaf, play for free at an outdoor stage. That was exciting! Even my kids had a blast at that show.

Speaking of free music, one of the bands I've written about more than once here has a new song available for a free download. Check out the Baltimore-based heavy metal band Rest Among Ruins, and their new demo "Phys" which they are looking to get some feedback on for an upcoming full-length album. The band's got a new bassist, too, in case you like to keep up with the latest on these East Coast heavy metal bands.

Nathan Heavel

To get your copy of "Phyx", click HERE.

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AngelBaby said...

I am wearing my green on Wednesday for sure! Great post ....

Here's your click

Love and Blessings,

Cacai M. said...

Hi Liggy, you have my click!

So Happy Saint Patrick's Day for tomorrow.. yeah me too, I will be wearing something green tomorrow so I will not be pinched.. :-) thanks for the info.

My Two Thoughts (this) On Tuesday


Wolfbernz said...

Hi Liggy!

I love all the drunk happy people on St. Patrick's day and a few pinches thrown in.... NOT KIDDING!! ;)

Have a happy Tuesday and an excellent St. Patrick's Day!

Trina said...

Live music is always awesome, especially on a "party" day! I wish there was a festival here on the shore I could go to that had live music and green beer!

Thanks for the download, I'll be checking the song out shortly!

Happy Tuesday!

Nancy Cleveland said...

Enjoyed your post LiggyB and thanks for stopping by mine. Aaah...the music. Now, there's one area where my Scottish-ness and Irish come of both traditional/folk music. I know you are metal/rock but have you listened to The Chieftains, Dubliners (Irish), The Corries, RunRig (you might really find them intersting being a Gaelic rock band!), Gaberlunzie...those last three being Scottish bands.

Hope you had a great day!


oldereyes said...

Hopefully, I'll remember my bit of green tomorrow ...

Here's your click ...

Bud aka Older Eyes

The Rooster Crows at 4am! said...

Hi Liggy! Well, I missed St. Patrick's Day this year since I moved to the Philippines last summer. Thanks for your blog entry to let me know. Sometimes I don't even know what day of the week it is here!