Mar 9, 2010

Another Tuesday, Another Thought

Hey,friends! It's Top Sites Tuesday again at Blogdumps and this time, I thought I'd share some thoughts on a book I started reading recently. Since this isn't a book review blog, I don't normally write in detail about books I read. But literature is a form of art that I love and I find it valuable to cover the many different forms of art (musical, graphic, literary, contemporary, etc.)

Anyway, my friends and I started our own little reading group recently and we're currently reading "Forever" by Pete Hamill. It's one of his best selling novels which tells the story of a young man from Ireland who goes on a quest to avenge the deaths of his parents and honor the code of his ancestors.

Unlike most books I've read, this book started out somewhat slow for me. I wasn't used to the imagery and in-depth descriptions Pete Hamill uses in the early chapters. But as I read further on, I realize that all this brilliantly laid out the foundation for the novel. It created the basis upon which we can better understand the rich history surrounding the young man Cormac O'Connor in the novel.

Since Pete Hamill is most noted for his writings on New York and the city itself, you can expect this book to delve deeply into the history of New York. I'm not finished reading the book yet so I can't say what it's all about yet. But after I got through the first few chapters and followed Cormac past his childhood home outside of Dublin, Ireland and his years living under the name Robert Carson, I am learning more and more about the tensions between the different cultures involved (Irish and English, British and "Americans", and so forth). I can't wait to learn the buried secrets of Manhattan that Cormac will come to know and how it all plays in his fight against social injustice.

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