Mar 6, 2010

New Eliethel album coming soon!

Have you stopped by (my good friend from Facebook) Eliethel's website recently or subscribed to her newsletters? In case you haven't checked out her music yet, she has a new album coming soon. In fact, you can already download tracks from "Audtributes I" for free by visiting

The album is more experimental in nature compared to her earlier musical offerings, exploring more depths of electroacoustic sounds while keeping an ambient mood. I'd say that you can also classify her music as New Age, fitting in with the likes of popular New Age artists such as Enya and Kitaro.

I'm pretty excited about this new album. Eliethel has a talent for creating music of a very unique style, combining elements from a wide range of music styles, yet maintaining consistency with the quality and mood that she sets to achieve. This is what you call true musical artistry and I felt that her talent is worth appreciation.

The tracks (whose titles carry a Greek mythological theme) are characterized by a mystifying aura that transports the listener to realms beyond the imagination. If you like yoga, the track "Sisyphus" is the perfect transcendental sound to meditate to. "Dryad" is perfect for unwinding to after a long hard day of work and stressful travel. "Nephele" moves me like the soundtrack of a dramatic film. Think back in time to 1983's "Chariots of Fire" from Vangelis and you'll know what I mean. "Echidna" picks up the pace and makes it perfect for warm-up exercises without straying too far from the ambient music that makes Eliethel so easy to listen to and enjoy on any given occasion.

I'm really looking forward to her upcoming music which will feature lush piano melodies. Ever since I learned to play piano as a child, I've loved listening to performers playing piano in their music. (Betcha thought I was just a head-banging chick who goes gaga over long-haired heavy metal singers, didn't ya?) Anyway, the "not so secret anymore" fact that I play piano is the reason behind the avatar I use: (see the familiar pic below)


Addendum 03/12/2010 - I previously posted Eliethel's ReverbNation player here but something went wrong with the code and put my blogsite layout in disarray so I had to remove it. However, please visit Eliethel's website to hear/preview her music and access the free downloads.
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