Nov 10, 2009

Games we play

board games
This week, I get the feeling that BlogDumps must be preparing for winter...and getting some ideas for fun indoor activities! I like to think of the upcoming winter as a wonderful, relaxing time by the fireplace. It would be nice to think of it as a time to rejuvenate ourselves by escaping the technological advances that permeate our daily lives (computers, video games, hi-def TV, etc.) and just take ourselves back to a mental state much like when we were young - before all the new electronic toys came about. That is, unless you're only in your 20s right now. Then you might be thinking I'm from the Stone Age or something.

I have to admit, though, in our household, sometimes I find it hard to get the kids away from the computer. Many times, I feel like I have to bribe them just to get them to do anything that doesn't require electricity to run. But once they start getting involved in the non-electronic game or activity, they start to have so much fun that the time just flies for all of us.

One of the games our family and friends have enjoyed playing together (and that does not require electricity to play) is Yahtzee. Even though this game has probably been out for ages, I first played it in 2003 after Hurricane Isabel left our area without electricity for over a week. My neighbor brought over her Yahtzee game and we played for hours.

In the past, my husband and I used to play Monopoly a lot. We have played both the board game edition and the computer edition. Although the computer version was pretty cool, there's nothing like holding the fake money in your hands and putting the hotels and houses you build on the board itself.

My most favorite board game of all is actually Scrabble. My only problem is that not too many people like playing with me because when I win, I win by large margins. (Hahaha!!!)

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AngelBaby said...

Oh man, you did three! I was good this time I only did one. I know you are in shock but it is true. I have played all of these and I enjoy them too.

Here's your click .....

Love and Blessings,

Liggy said...

I couldn't help favorite game is not necessarily the one I've played the most so I thought the others merited mentioning! (But it was kind of unplanned. I just kept writing and one thing led to!).

AY said...

Yahtzee..I've seen it on the shelf oftentimes but never ever thought to buy it for the boys. Hmmmmm, maybe I should give it a try - thnx for this great Christmas prezzie idea. Here's your click!

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

I like all three of those games. I also loved playing "Clue" and trying to figure out who done it!

Rich said...

I never played Yahtzee, I don't like Monopoly, but I love Scrabble

Trina said...

Three awesome games! I love them all! You're right, the computer versions are fun but there's nothing quite like playing the game with the pieces in your hand :)


randomizeme said...

I do know about scrabble and monopoly - just never got around to play them... I can see the appeal though?

Liggy said...

Thanks for stopping by, everyone! I've stopped by your pages as well and left you some comments on the posts I read. (I'm one of those who like to let people know what I thought of their posts).

AmyMusings said...

Remember Parcheesi? I look at that board and I have no recollection whatsoever how to play. It's pretty, though.