Nov 13, 2009

Special Download on Bon Jovi's The Circle

I just got the news from TicketMaster...Bon Jovi's new album The CircleBon Jovican be downloaded for only $3.99 from AmazonBon Jovi. But hurry, it's only available at this price until Sunday, November 15th! Just click on the picture of the album cover to find it on Amazon.

These are the track titles:

1. We Weren't Born To Follow
2. When We Were Beautiful
3. Work For The Working Man
4. Superman Tonight
5. Bullet
6. Thorn In My Side
7. Live Before You Die
8. Brokenpromiseland
9. Love's The Only Rule
10. Fast Cars
11. Happy Now
12. Learn To Love

Sounds like an awesome deal!!! I'm downloading mine now!

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