Jul 10, 2011

Dream Guy of the Week #2

Who hasn't seen either popular TV series The Vampire Diaries or Lost?  If you haven't seen either one, you're missing out on watching this week's featured dream guy, Ian Somerhalder
The first thing I noticed about Ian are his beautiful eyes.  Can you imagine those eyes looking back at you?  I guess not - if you're a straight guy.  But anyone else I'm sure would just get lost in dream land.

In the television series, LOST (which has already completed its regular prime time run), Ian Somerhalder played Boone Carlyle for 27 episodes (2006 - 2010).   The character was well-received by the public as well as by critics. It was jaw-dropping to see his character go.

Before the LOST series ended, Ian already began work on The Vampire Diaries which is still running popularly on the CW television network.  There he plays a vampire, Damon Salvatore.  There he's no typical vampire.  He's one of two brothers who were "turned" by the same woman, a woman they both had feelings for and whose doppleganger human becomes the center of their continuing drama.  I stopped keeping up with the series but I've been reading Stefan's Diaries in paperback.  I must say, it's really interesting reading about the Salvatore brothers' adventures from the guy's point of view.

Going back to Ian Somerhalder, did you know he was a model before he became a famous actor?

But like our first featured dream guy, he has really gotten the female fan attention with his increasing good looks and sex appeal. 

 Okay, ladies...go ahead and dream about getting wet in the water with this dream guy!!!

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