Oct 9, 2012

Two Thoughts About 710 Oil

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Back in 2008, I published a short post about one of my favorite local bands, 710 Oil.  I have to admit, lately, I've slacked in posting about them and other very talented local bands.  But I've been keeping up with them on their Facebook page and their band website.

My first thought this week is that it's pretty cool seeing how much national exposure 710 Oil's been getting lately.  See the pic above where they posed with KISS?  That's not just a Meet and Greet picture.  That's the real deal when they were selected to be one of the opening bands for a recent KISS concert in Hampton Roads, VA.

In case you don't know much about 710 Oil, I can tell you that they are a very talented original music band who's very serious about making music.  I've seen them perform live several times, both at smaller clubs and larger venues. This band deserves to make it big time.

My second thought is still about 710 Oil. I wanted to share with my readers this video that 710 Oil shared on their Facebook page. It's an interview on Shine TV plus some performance video that will make you wish you could see them live (that is, if you're into rock music like I am!). Check it out!!!

The TV Show Shine from Rere Jones on Vimeo.

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