Jan 19, 2008

Review of Popular Local Band 710 Oil

710 Oil is a popular local band from the Hampton Roads, Virginia area. I was introduced to their music by my youngest sister who also enjoys going out to see concerts and live music from local bands.

This group consists of Chris Johnson on lead vocals and guitar, Ian Switz on lead guitar and back up vocals, Morgan Wade on bass guitar, and Vinnie Mastropasqua on drums/percussions.

I had the opportunity to catch a number of their shows, including the 100.5MaxFM Battle of the Bands competition in the summer of 2007 which is where that performance video is from. They won that competition of which proceeds went to charity.

They also have a new full-length CD, entitled No Name, which out and available at select records stores in Virginia and New Jersey. More may soon be added. I purchased one of their new CDs and it rocks! I do, however, think nothing compares to hearing and seeing them perform live. They have so much energy on that stage and their music sounds so powerful, you always leave their shows satisfied, if not wanting more.

I know I sound like I'm plugging this group here but I thought they were worth mentioning because I see their talent growing and their fan base growing. I believe that given the right break, they have a real chance at making it big time. They're classified as rock, powerpop, and metal...but to put it simply, 710 Oil ROCKS!!!

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