Nov 19, 2011

Justin and Mila Kept Their Words

When Justin Timberlake accepted Corporal Kelsey De Santis's YouTube invitation to accompany her to this year's Marine Corps Ball, I'm sure there were many skeptics like me wondering if he'd actually keep his word. After all, it seemed like one person after another suddenly started inviting celebrity after celebrity to some event or another for a little while.

Besides that, Justin Timberlake was still busy promoting his recently released movie, Friends With Benefits, when he accepted the invite. It was like, maybe he was just saying yes to keep the peace for moviegoers, right? But lo and behold, he kept his word and later posted a blog about how much he enjoyed the ball and how much more respect he has for our nation's service men and women. Awesome!

And remember how just before Justin's invitation, Mila Kunis was asked by another marine to be his date at his Marine Corps Ball?  Well, even though scheduling conflict appeared it might get in the way, she pulled through on her promise and went, too!

The 28 year old star, Mila, got to be the hot date of Sgt. Scott Moore who had just recently returned with his unit from a seven month deployment in Afghanistan.  Keeping your that's one way of serving your country!  :)
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