Jun 6, 2009

New Layout on LiggyzDreamz™

Ho-hum! What a better way to spend a cloudy Saturday than to sit at my PC and go on blogger. I decided to try on a new template for my blogger page because I thought my posts column was too close to the widgets column. Since I don't know enough about css or html to design my own template or fix the widths without totally messing things up, I decided to go with this one I found on bloggertricks. There are also some pretty neat tips and site tools there, too. Check it out!

Tips for New bloggers


Ophelia said...

Nice new layout! Let me guess, you're going for a vampire-ish/Twilight-ish look on your blog? Well, I think it looks good. :) But I do kind of miss the graphic header! I really liked the various designs you created for your header before. Perhaps a new kick-ass one is in the works! :)

liggybee said...

Yep, I used the Twilight font for the header title. I may go back to the larger graphic I used to put some other time, but not anytime soon. I kinda like how this template separates my posts from my miscellaneous stuff on the right column.

kranthi said...

Thanks for using BloggerTricks template..


Elric said...

Lol...i was planning on using the same template but i am too lazy to do it :p