Jun 5, 2009

Virginia Beach's Conflict of Interest

I've watched a good number of really talented local bands perform live in the Hampton Roads and Richmond, VA area but there is one I have not been able to see. And just my darn luck, they're not doing any shows anymore! The band is Conflict of Interest.

They even got to perform at a NorVa for a show that national recording artist, DevilDriver (whom I wrote about a couple of posts ago) played. (Unfortunately I didn't get to go to that show. It must've happened during one of those time warps I go through whenever I indulge in reading a really good book - lol!) Anyway, you can learn more about DevilDriver on the RoadRunner Records website.

And if you can, check out the Conflict of Interest song player I made. Just click on this picture below of "GrogDawg", COI's lead singer. He has an awesome singing voice!!! Trust'll wonder why these guys aren't already national recording artists.

(Big sigh!) I'm just sitting here listening to my music player with songs I like from Conflict of Interest. In the back of my mind, I'm thinking it sure would be a nice relief if I could see them perform live once my miserable springtime allergies finally go away! (Achoo!!!)

Photo Courtesy of Conflict of Interest Virginia Fan Club


LazyKing said...

Can I sign them, lool
great bands.
But I have to say that local indies bands are great but a majority of them will "stop" being great once they have a big contract deal :( sad!!!

liggybee said...

Too many of the bands I've known break up before they could get signed on...mainly because of financial reasons. I guess they have to really invest a lot of time and money that would otherwise have been spent at a regular job to be able to promote themselves to record companies. Others just get a lucky break.