Jun 3, 2009

Quick look at the New Moon movie stills

I hope that those who read my blog for the music posts don't get tired of me posting about the Twilight Saga, but it's just such a popular topic right now (plus I'm a huge fan myself) that I wanted to share some New Moon movie stills that I came across today.

Twilighters Anonymous (see mini-banner link on the I Recommend section of my right column) posted some movie stills from the recently released movie trailer. The pictures are pretty cool! I felt quite surprised to see how the still picture differed so much from what I remember seeing in the trailer. I guess because the trailer seemed to move so quickly that the details just escaped me (no matter how many million times I feel like I watched it). For instance, I really didn't recognize this picture of Jacob Black showing those muscles (thus making a lot of women wish Taylor Lautner were already at least 18!!!).

Taylor Lautner
Then again, here's a look at a very hungry Laurent (Edi Gathegi) getting anxious to sink his jaws into a scared and heartbroken Bella. And to think, he seemed like such a more self-controlled, peace-loving vampire in the first movie! Ha! That's a vampire for ya! Damn can't trust them! (Go, Team Jacob!!! lol!)

Edi Gathegi
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