Jan 11, 2008

A little history about my rock and rollin' days...

When I lived in Hawaii in the early 1990s, there was a heavy metal band called Open Fire that I used to love to see. I followed them to their local shows as often as I could.  They're no longer playing together but they were really fun to see. Since then I have moved to other states, gotten married, started a family, and just never had the time to see other bands play live.

Before I left Hawaii, I did get the exciting opportunity to have a picture taken with their bass player, Jack Azevedo. Here's that picture:

I even had that picture put on a shirt and had him sign it.  I wonder where that shirt went.  Anyway, about two years ago, I started going out to see live local bands play again and found a really awesome metal band out of Williamsburg, Virginia. They call themselves Vanquish.  I didn't think I'd ever find another talented local metal band after Open Fire.

I've seen a lot of other really talented local bands here in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia but I'll have to share pictures about them later. This blog post is getting to be longer than I wanted it to be. I will probably end up boring my readers.

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