Jan 26, 2010

Two Tuesday Thoughts

Time Flies
I just can't believe how quickly this month has gone by! It seemed like only recently we were celebrating New Year's and talking about resolutions. Amazing how time flies!

I have to admit that I've been slacking lately on LiggyzDreamz...could it be because I've joined the ranks of many addicted Mafia Wars gamers? I swore that I'd quit once I reached level 100...but then as I got more requests to join their mafia, started seeing what kind of jobs I could accomplish with them, and what I could do with all the virtual money in the game, I couldn't stop. LOL!

Mafia Wars
I remember reading an article about Mafia Wars addiction in a November issue of Time Magazine. I must admit that I think the author got it right when he said: The constant stream of rewards is addictive; you become like a rat who can't stop pushing the lever to get the little pellets. Your resources constantly regenerate, and the game is always giving you random items that you don't even know how you earned.

Anyway, I do take myself off the game every once in awhile and catch some TV time with my "real family." During one of those couch-potato nights, I caught the funniest commercial I have ever seen. Or perhaps, you could just say the one I've enjoyed the most in a very long time. It was available online so I posted it here for you all to enjoy, too.

Now tell me that didn't make you laugh as well...

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RandomizeME said...

That makes me think of the time when I could swear I was literally addicted to Sims 2! That's the only reason why I haven't bought Sims 3 since I didn't want to get sucked in again...

I may want to check out your Mafia game, though...

Trina said...

I got into Farmville and refuse to join any other Facebook apps as my farm has become quite time consuming! LOL

Your commercial - Too Funny!! I loved it!

Happy Tuesday!

Wolfbernz said...

I new you would post some thing cool!
The commercial was great, I want a beer closet :)
I am always swamped on the computer so I am to pooped to play any games by the time I finish, it sounds like fun though!

Clicks for you

AngelBaby said...

I just don't have any extra time to get into any more games because I am on Farm Ville and it does take up time that I should be doing other things. I do enjoy it though.

I loved the commercial - way to funny!

Here's your click .....

Love and Blessings,

Nancy Cleveland said...

Uh-oh, LiggyB...I don't do Mafia Wars (my nephew does) or Farmville (my sis and everybody else I know, almost, does) but FB did snag me recently. My sister and nephew had been after me for some time. I resisted then caved. I do play Bejewelled..a lot..and Pathwords but mostly post music vids and my groups like Wild Divine, Daily OM etc. If I had a farm the animals would be running amok and the produce die through lack of attention! Fun post, LiggyB! Clicks